С++ Russia 2024

С++ Russia 2024

Conference for C++ developers

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May 24Online

June 2–3Moscow

  • 45speakers
  • 35talks
  • 10partners
  • 600participants

About conference

C++ Russia is (perhaps not surprisingly) a C++ conference held in Russia. It is focused on tough technical stuff: there's no marketing fluff in the talks, just the tech specifics. It will take place in two stages: 1 day online, 2 days offline. The program includes talks of 60 minutes each, from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. The speakers are experienced engineers, and their areas of expertise cumulatively cover very different C++ use cases. The conference is held by JUG Ru Group.

Our events

Before the start of the conference — before the main programme — we will hold an online workshop C++ concurrency: condition variables.

  • Online workshop "C++ concurrency and condition_variable"

    A three-hour practical workshop C++ concurrency: condition variables only for C++ Russia 2024 participants, during which we will study safe synchronisation between threads based on condition variables. Pour coffee, get out your keyboards, open your favourite IDE, we will write code!


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The first speakers and talks will be on the site soon. If you’re considering buying a ticket but have not decided yet, we suggest you take a look at our former conferences. Here you can watch talk recordings, listen to the conference podcast, or read our corporate blog.

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