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SberAutoTech's key focus is to create a universal autonomous technology that includes Software and Hardware components, R&D, a unique testing process and an ecosystem of services for data processing and autonomous fleet management.

SberAutoTech combines the culture of automakers and IT companies. More than 500 specialists are working on the development of the technology, with developers forming the core of the team: Self-driving technology (C++, ML/CV, Python), Frontend (React/WebGL), Backend (Python, Dagster, Airflow, Spark), Embedded (C, C++, FPGA), Mobile Development (Flutter, Android), Automation & Testing (Python), DevOps (Docker, CI/CD, Kubernetes), Big Data (Spark, PyArrow, Dagster, S3, Kafka), Architecture (PlantUML).

Autonomous transportation is the future that is coming today. It will make roads safer, deliver goods faster and more efficiently, and change the infrastructure of cities through the emergence of new mobility.