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An alternate view: how a reverser looks at code

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In this talk, Denis will try to outline how a reverser looks at software. We don’t tend to compile source code like a programmer would, (although this does happen), but instead focus on dealing with binary. From the depths of the disassembler and debugger, we think ‘highly’ of STL, Boost, new C++ standards, multiple inheritance and other wonderful features.

We analyze targeted malware and, though few are written in modern C++, they do use a lot of C code, even more "C with custom classes plus std::string." Some are written in newer languages, such as Go, Nim and Rust. The most interesting ones you come across use industrial-grade code of this kind, created by people those who have clearly written more than just malware.

We will focus on a couple of these, (modern C ++ and C with classes), targeted malware in this talk. While Denis can’t claim to be an expert in industrial development, he can offer an alternative view: on everything from binaries to their source code.

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