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Developing embedded databases: tips, tricks and pitfalls

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The projects in script languages have a simple rule: if you want to do it faster, then write a native code. This really works, when the code is written by an experienced developer who knows all the tricky moments of integrating in the particular language and who has seen all the details of implementing. What to do if you face plenty of peculiarities of using the extensions and may unintentionally make code even slower?

Why this may happen? The inevident costs which appear when calling native code may occur pretty large. Or concurrent model may appear not compatible with C/C++.

The peculiarities of integrating with native code will be highlighted using the example of embedded database for the project

Alexander will talk about these things:

  • Transferring large objects through the border of languages.
  • Native types — friend or foe?
  • RPC as a way of manipulating big data.
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