Vittorio Romeo

Vittorio Romeo

Компания: Bloomberg L.P.

Vittorio is a Software Engineer at Bloomberg L.P. with a BS in Computer Science from Università degli Studi di Messina.

He began programming at a very young age and is now a C++ enthusiast. While following and participating in the evolution of the C++ Standard and embracing the newest features, he worked on several open source projects, including modern general-purpose libraries and free cross-platform indie games.

Vittorio is an active member of the C++ community: he participated as a speaker in CppCon, C++Now, Meeting C++, ACCU, and ++it Florence. He currently maintains a technical blog revolving around C++, several open source projects, and an YouTube channel featuring modern C++ tutorials.

When he's not writing code, Vittorio enjoys weightlifting and fitness-related activities, competitive computer gaming and sci-fi movies/TV series.

Выступления в сезоне 2019