Applied functional programming in C++ EN

Дата: 18 апреля 2019

Место: Москва, адрес уточняется

Назад к тренингам
Ivan Čukić — KDE e.V.

Ivan Čukić
KDE e.V.


Ivan Čukić is the author of "Functional Programming in C++" published by Manning.

He is one of the core developers in KDE, the largest free/libre open source C++ project.

He is also teaching modern C++ techniques and functional programming at the Faculty of Mathematics in Belgrade and has been using C++ for more than 20 years. He has been researching functional programming in C++ before and during his PhD studies, and uses the techniques in real-world projects.

Описание тренинга

  • What is functional programming and how far is STL from being functional, what is the relation between functional and generic programming
  • Functional objects in C++, callables and std::invoke
  • Lazy evaluation, lazy algorithms and ranges
  • Creating new language constructs on the library level
  • Generic programming and template constraints using void_t
  • Monads: optional, expected, future, ...
  • Monads: coroutines in C++ as a special syntax for handling monads
  • Implementing programs without mutable state

Ivan could provide a VirtualBox image with the latest GCC and Clang so that you have the same environment when working. Otherwise, the prerequisites would be the latest released GCC, Clang and Qt (just in case).

As for the knowledge, it is enough to say it is for C++ professionals — so not for beginners.

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