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Just Enough Assembly for Compiler Explorer

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Every other conference talk these days seems to be showing off some code on Compiler Explorer. But what does all that Assembly actually mean?

In this talk you'll learn the very basics of X86 Assembly and the X86_64 calling convention, just enough to understand the full Assembly listing of simple functions on Compiler Explorer. No previous experience with Assembly is necessary, but a basic understanding of C or C++ is useful.

After this talk you will:

  • Be able to paste code from your own project into Compiler Explorer, and either understand the Assembly output or know how to simplify it until you do.
  • Have a solid understanding of the fundamentals, so you know what to search for and understand it when you need to know more.

(Compiler Explorer is an increasingly popular tool which allows you to see exactly what the compiler does with your code. Check it out at https://godbolt.org/.)

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