Multithreading with modern C++

Rainer Grimm

Rainer Grimm has worked as a software architect, team lead and instructor for about 20 years. In his spare time he likes to write articles about C++, Python and Haskell, but he also likes to speak at conferences. He publishes very often on his blog "Modern C++". Now he is a trainer giving seminars to modern C++ and Python. His books "C++11 für Programmierer ", "C++" and "C++ - Standardbiliothek" , and the "The C++ Standard Library" were published by O'Reilly and Leanpub.

Embedded programming is one of the key domains of modern C++. Because C++ empowers you to talk directly to the hardware and offers you this kinds of abstractions you need build complex systems. With C++11 C++ gets a lot of mighty features for the embedded programming. C++ has features like the move semantic for cheap move operations, constexpr functions for calculations at compile time, or new containers like std::array, which combines the best from the C array and the std::vector.

I will show you in the workshop the benefits of modern C++ in the embedded programming. Therefore, I will concentrate on the requirements of embedded programming and give the answers in modern C++. The requirements are:

  • Safety critical systems
  • Reduced resources
  • Long lifetime
  • Many cores

After the workshop you will understand the well-known sentence from Bjarne Stroustrup about c++11 in embedded programming: "... make C++ even better for embedded system programming..".

The participant should have an laptop with an decent C++ compiler (C++11 at least). Basic knowledge in C++ is sufficient.

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