Working with the compiler, not against it

Evgeniy Muralev, Mark Vince

Evgeniy is Senior Software Developer at Sperasoft Studio working on AAA titles using C++ and specializing on rendering and engine performance. His interests include CPU and GPU micro-architectures, real-time rendering architectures and game development.


 Mark is Senior Rendering Developer at Sperasoft Studio with 20+ years in game development on many projects. He has interests in algorithmic optimization strategies, cryptographic number theory and assembler coding.  

The talk will look at limitations of compilers when creating fast code and how to make more effective use of both the underlying micro-architecture of modern CPU's  and how algorithmic optimizations may have surprising effects on the generated code. We shall discuss several specific CPU architecture features and their pros and cons in relation to creating fast C++ code. We then expand with several algorithmic techniques, not usually well-documented, for making faster, compiler friendly, C++.


Note that we shall not discuss caching and related issues here as they are well documented elsewhere.

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